Curried Goat

 **Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been planning my wedding and planning for summer camp at work but you have been in my thoughts and I’m really trying to keep up!** Now that that’s out of the way….

Ahh goatie in all your curried splendor 😍 I feel as though every islander and African love the delicacy of goat meat. I’m a curry fanatic and curried goat is one of my very favorites so I decided to cook this on Mother’s Day along with some rotisserie chicken. It turned out amazing! Everyone raved at how tender it was, it did however melt away a bit more than expected while in the crockpot but hey it’ll melt in your stomach anyway. Don’t knock this recipe until you try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


5lbs pasture raised goat meat of choice ( I got an assortment of the loin, shoulder, and leg straight from my farm then cut them into small pieces)

1 large onion

5 garlic cloves diced

1/2 scotch bonnet/habanero pepper

Curry powder

Onion powder

Spices of choice (I used the ever faithful Mrs. Dash)

Isn’t it purty 😍


In a crock pot combine all of the above ingredients

Place on low and allow to cook low and slow for 3-4hrs (mine cooked for 8 hrs 😩)

Skim excess fat (Don’t toss, use as a sub for oil to fry your eggs etc) and enjoy with a side of rice, fresh vegetables (corn is in season) and well mac n cheese is optional but always a good choice, of course.