Rhubarb Soda

If you’re familiar with rhubarb you’ll know it’s a very tart vegetable, because of its tartness it’s usually paired with something sweet like strawberries or served as a dessert or jam/preserve. I just so happened to miss indulging in soda and I wanted to do something with the many stalks of rhubarb I bought at the farmers market. Then I thought, Rhubarb soda! I looked up a bunch of recipes but I really liked this fermenting method. It uses lacto fermentation and has probiotics which is awesome for digestion and just a healthy gut over all. Rhubarb is also known for its Vitamin properties so it was a win win! It takes patience but it’s oh so worth it! Starting out your batch will be super sweet but as it ferments it will get dry. My bottle fermented for 2wks, it may definitely vary for you as the strength of the whey and the temperature of the room play a part. After a week taste your batch to see if it is at the desired sweetness. If your batch is getting alcoholic place it in your refrigerator to slow down the process.  P.S I store Perrier bottles for later use please ignore the label. P.P.S the leaves on the rhubarb are poisonous so discard when dicing the stalks! Below is a picture for those who are unfamiliar with it. There are two types of rhubarb green stalked and red stalked one is significantly higher in nutrients, the green stalked being significantly high in nutrients. The red stalked below is the most popular of the two. I used a mix of green and red! 


Stalks of rhubarb diced (mine was already diced and in the freezer but about 6 stalks)

3/4 cup Honey

Just enough water to cover the rhubarb

2tbsps strained Whey from yogurt


Dice your rhubarb and in a saucepan boil over medium high heat. Be sure that the water covers the rhubarb and doesn’t drown them!

Once the heat begins to penetrate the rhubarb it will begin to disintegrate. Stir the mixture and aid in mashing the rhubarb, it should be a nice rhubarb compote! 

After all the stalks are mashed strain & discard the pulp. Allow the syrup to cool then sweeten with honey. This will be extremely sweet but you want it this way so it can ferment and fizz. Don’t worry as time goes by the sweetness dissipates. 

Add 1-2 tbsp of whey to the syrup and using a funnel pour the syrup in a bottle. 

After a week it’ll look and smell horrible and you’ll be tempted to throw it out but don’t! After it has fermented simply place it in the refrigerator to rid the smell. Be careful not to shake the bottle too much as it is carbonated. Enjoy! 



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